Nutaku Desktop Launcher

Are you tired of choppy framerates because your browser is eating all your RAM?
Do you want to experience a smooth, dedicated, next level lewd gaming experience? The Nutaku launcher is here to help you out.

Install Now Please Install on a Window PC Available for Windows PC

The Nutaku launcher provides you with the most optimized performance for playing our free-to-play browser games. You can also easily access and manage your installed premium games, making the launcher a truly dedicated hentai gaming station.

Key Features

Optimized Performance Play our collection of browser games with a much better performance than what you would get on your browser.
Manage Games Access and manage all your favorite games, including F2P and your installed premium games.
Automatic Game Updates The Launcher automatically keeps all your games up to date, so that you can always have the most up-to-date experience when playing.
Discover New Games Don’t know what to play? Access the Nutaku catalog for a list of games compatible with your device, including many that require no installation.